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5 Reasons Why Elevate is the Best Place to Live for Remote Workers

From the beginning, we intended Elevate to be a place where work and wellness could co-exist. Before phrases like “pandemic” and “remote working” and “I’m jumping on a Zoom call!” became a part of everyday life, we were busy designing a building where professionals could feel at home and yet be inspired daily.

Flash forward to the present, and it’s clear that we were on the right track. Forty-five percent of all Americans with full-time jobs are working from home all or some of the time. What’s more, 76% of remote workers say their employer will allow people to work remotely going forward in some capacity. Remote work is here to stay—something you’re likely already well aware of.

Luckily, we were built with optimal work-life integration in mind. We intentionally designed Elevate inside and out to help you live your best personal and professional life. Here are the top five ways you’ll find work-life balance while living at Elevate.

1. Collaborate in our Co-Working Spaces

We understand that despite all of Zoom’s capabilities, sometimes it’s just easier to get together with a coworker to discuss something in-person. Our co-working spaces were designed for this type of collaboration. Have a face-to-face meeting with a colleague or client, but don’t want to invite them into the privacy of your home? Meet in the coworking space and chat over a drink from our coffee and beverage bar.

Of course, our co-working spaces are perfect for meetings that aren’t in person, too. Need a quiet place to take a video call or to go heads-down for some dedicated work time? Want a more professional backdrop for your virtual meeting? Just in the mood for a change of work-from-home scenery? Our co-working spaces provide this and more.

Taking advantage of our co-working rooms can help more than just your productivity, though. The line between “home” and “office” has never been more blurred, and being able to step away to a separate space dedicated to work can help revive that boundary. In the long term, this can ultimately help you achieve a better work-life balance.

2. Inspiration (and Caffeination) are Built Right In

The phrase “urban vibes and inspired views” is a core pillar of how we describe the Elevate lifestyle. We take the “inspired views” part especially seriously! Situated atop a hill in Coralville, Elevate enjoys one of the highest vantage points in Coralville, despite the fact that we are not a high-rise building. This provides our residents with stunning views from sunrise to sunset, whether your condo overlooks Iowa River Landing (IRL) or has a waterfront view of the pond and dock.

What does this mean for remote workers? It means you’ll find no shortage of places at Elevate to work with beautiful, inspiring views just beyond your computer screen. Take your laptop out to your condo’s patio or balcony. Wander out to the 20-acre “backyard” and sit pond-side as you work—made possible by our outdoor wifi. Grab a table beside our floor-to-ceiling windows on the main floor lobby and enjoy spectacular nature views as you work from the comfort of the indoors. The options are endless!

Man and Woman enjoying Coffee

Need a pick-me-up to get your morning started or to keep you motivated throughout the day? Never fear—caffeination is always close at hand. Our coffee and beverage bar means a fresh cup of joe is just downstairs at all times. Want a bit more of a break? Take a quick walk or bike ride to Coffee Emporium in IRL to get your daily caffeine fix.

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3. Fresh Air is Only a Few Steps Away

If you’re the type of person who loves to step away from your computer for some much-needed fresh air during your workday, Elevate is the place for you. Do a quick lap around the pond on your break to get your steps in for the day. Sit out on the dock to clear your head and recharge. Take your pup to the private dog park to burn off some energy (after all, they need a break, too!). Feel most inspired when you’re in a cozy atmosphere? Bring your work to the fireside—whether it’s the lobby hearth or the outdoor fire pit.

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4. Wi-Fi that’s #WFH Approved

Say hello to high-speed internet and goodbye to glitchy Zoom meetings. We know how important a strong Internet connection is for our residents—whether it’s for important client calls, family FaceTimes, or weekend TV show binges. That’s why we included high-speed internet in every building.

Better yet? We have both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi so that no matter where you feel most motivated, you can continue to be productive—even when you’re outside in the 20-acre “backyard.”

Yoga Space with View of Lake

5. Get Moving, Get Motivated

Struggling to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule? At Elevate, hitting the gym doesn’t have to eat up a ton of time in your daily routine. When you live here, our state-of-the-art fitness center—including cardio and strength training machines, cables, dumbbells, barbells, and more—will always be just downstairs. No more sleepy early morning drives to get to the gym for a pre-work day workout. No more hectic races against the clock to get a quick workout in over the lunch hour. With easy access to our gym at all times, you can sweat it out whenever it’s convenient for you without the hassle and drive time.

Golf Simulator and Gym

Of course, we can’t forget about our golf simulator. Unless you’re at a corporate outing, hitting the green might be frowned upon in the middle of the workday, but at Elevate, you can get a few quick swings in at any time of day.

Work-Life Balance Never Looked Better

We understand that for remote working professionals, choosing a place to live doesn’t just mean choosing a home—it means choosing your office, too. At Elevate, we strive to take both to the next level by providing optimal work-life integration in every aspect of our condo community.

What about the times that you do have to go into the office? We’ve got you covered there, too. Our convenient location has easy access to I-80 and I-380 so that you can travel anywhere in the Corridor (and beyond!) with ease.

Ready to take working from home to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about living or leasing at Elevate.