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Next-Level Lifestyle

How Elevate Takes Luxury Condo Living to the Next Level

Imagine a home with all of the urban vibes and convenient access of a downtown high-rise, but with the beautiful, peaceful nature views of a countryside home. Imagine a home where you don’t ever need to mow the backyard or shovel the driveway, but with plenty of room for both you and your pet to roam outdoors and get some fresh air. Imagine a place where work and wellness come together, where community isn’t just a buzzword, and where amenities mean much more than just a few treadmills in a gym. Sounds too good to be true, right?

It’s not. That’s exactly what we envisioned when we built Elevate, rising in Coralville in 2022 near Iowa River Landing. We wanted to elevate every aspect of condo living—hence our name and our tagline, “Next-Level Living.” But what does that mean? How is Elevate different from any other condo in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids Corridor?

For starters, we take next-level living literally. Situated atop a hill, our condo buildings have the highest vantage point in Coralville. The result is breathtaking views everywhere you turn, from sunrise to sunset.

But our philosophy of next-level living goes far beyond transforming the Coralville skyline and having the best views in town. We’ve infused every aspect of life at Elevate with this concept, starting with our condos themselves.

Whether you purchase or lease, we want you to think of Elevate as home. Our condos are built with high-quality, contemporary finishes throughout for a sophisticated, timeless look. The upscale features, fixtures, and appliances combine to give a modern, urban feel that’s still homey—a far cry from some of the outdated or “cookie cutter” condos found in the area. Plus, every condo has a private balcony or patio so that no matter what side of the building you’re located on, you can enjoy the spectacular views.

Next-level living also means having more choices in every aspect. Your first decision: will you purchase or lease? When you purchase a condo, you can select several of your condo’s finishes to make the space truly yours. Personalizing your home to fit your style and needs is just another way we’re elevating the condo living experience.

What about pets? Pet ownership is on the rise—especially among Millennials, 31% of whom own a pet—but the condo market has been slow to adjust, particularly in Iowa. As REALTORS® and property managers ourselves, we know that finding upscale, pet-friendly condos in this area is often difficult, with many newer buildings reluctant to allow pets.

At Elevate, we believe people shouldn’t have to compromise on the home of their dreams because of their pets. That’s why we’ve chosen to make all of our condos pet-friendly, whether you purchase or lease. Plus, residents have access to our private dog park so that your pup can get plenty of exercise. It’s next-level living for your four-legged companions, too!

Of course, we also have plenty of superb amenities for our human residents. Our amenities were chosen with convenience and a busy lifestyle in mind. In our main building, you can find a grab-and-go fresh food market, perfect for those times when you’re on your way out the door to work or craving a healthy snack. If you're the type that runs on caffeine, you’ll enjoy fueling up at our coffee bar; a fresh brew is just downstairs at all times.

We also built Elevate with optimal work-life integration in mind. Even before the pandemic made remote working the norm, we knew it was important to have a space where our residents could collaborate, get inspired, and be creative. Now, with many professionals staying at home permanently or adopting a half-at-home, half-at-the-office hybrid model, we knew a co-working space was a must. Whether you want a quiet place to join a Zoom meeting or need a gathering space to meet in-person with colleagues to chat about a project, our coworking rooms have you covered.

Need to mix it up and work somewhere else for a few hours? Aside from our coworking rooms, Elevate has plenty of amazing open spaces both inside and outside our building, meaning there’s no shortage of places to tuck yourself away and get in the zone.

But Elevate isn’t all work and no play. When it comes to unwinding and entertaining, we have plenty of options. Sweat it out in our 1,000-square-foot fitness center; practice your swing in our golf simulator; rent out a space to host an event; or grab an adult beverage or two with friends in our amenities area.

The fun continues outside, too. Elevate was built on the notion that what is outside your home is just as important as what’s inside. It’s why we’ve set aside 20 acres of land, which includes a green space, a pond, walking trails, and the dog park, all reserved for residents and their guests. Think of it as your backyard—a place just outside your door dedicated to your relaxation, inspiration, and wellness. Working from home and want to get some fresh air over lunch? Take a walk around the private pond. Hosting friends? Gather for drinks around the fire pit and enjoy pondside views. Unwinding after a long workday? Settle in on your patio with a glass of wine in hand and watch the sunset. However you like to enjoy the outdoors, fresh air is only ever a few steps away.

The best part? You don’t have to maintain it! No mowing, raking, or shoveling of snow. It’s all the benefits of a spacious backyard with none of the work—because to us, next-level living also means easy, maintenance-free living.

Of course, the people are what make a place home. From the green space to the dock, the patio, and the fire pits, there’s plenty of places to gather with friends and family outside of your condo. There’s also many opportunities to build a sense of community and connect with your neighbors. In short, life at Elevate can be as secluded or as social as you want it to be.

Our inspiring views, luxury, pet-friendly condos, unique amenities, and our 20-acre backyard all combine to take living at Elevate to the next level. Elevate is more than just your home; it's a community in itself, equipped with all the resources you need to live your best personal and professional life. Whatever your lifestyle, our forward-thinking approach to condo living means you can live, work, and play in style and with ease. Whether you’re searching for privacy or a sense of community, Elevate is here to welcome you home.

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