Elevate Partners

Grand Rail Construction & Development Logo

Grand Rail is a developer and construction firm that has been building in the Corridor for decades. Located in North Liberty, Grand Rail was founded by Mike Evans. His son, Jake Evans, is CFO. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality homes and condos. Grand Rail built Elevate and some of the single family homes and town homes in the surrounding neighborhood.

Urban Acres Real Estate Logo with @TheBailsTeam tagline

The Bails Team at Urban Acres Real Estate was founded by Mike Bails. The team specializes in all areas of residential and commercial real estate. When you work with the Bails Team, you get the entire team. Anytime, anywhere, the Bails Team is on your side with 24/7 availability to answer questions and help.

The team is comprised of Mike Bails, Phil O’Brien, Marcy Willier, Chelsey Riggan-Kuepker, Matt VandeBerg, and Briley McAtee. They are the dedicated sales team for Elevate.

Brotherton Investments Logo

Brotherton Investments, which has served the Corridor as property managers for more than a decade, is an owner/operator of Elevate. Led by Angie Bails, Brotherton Investments will be located on site at Elevate. Angie and Property Manager Wendi Hayden pride themselves on personal service and taking exceptional care of their clients and properties.