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FAQs: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Amenities and Condos

After years of careful planning and months of hard work by our construction crew, Elevate’s first building is officially open!

Now that Building 1 is complete, we’re excited to give our residents (and future residents!) the inside scoop. Here’s what you can expect to see when you step inside our newly-finished building, as well as some much-anticipated FAQs about our amenity spaces and condos!

The Main Floor

The Lobby

As you step into the lobby, the first thing you’ll notice isn’t the lobby itself—it’s the view. Across from our main front doors, the back wall is made up of floor-to-ceiling windows with a stunning, unobstructed view of the pond and our backyard. We even chose glass for the hand rail that surrounds the steps down to the pond so as not to interrupt the panoramic vista.

Inside, the lobby itself is symmetrical, scattered with seating—private nooks to sit alone and work or communal areas for gathering. The beautiful 3-sided fireplaces on each side and the 3 chandeliers overhead serve as the elegant focal points of the space—if you can tear your eyes away from the view, that is.

North & South Wings

The main floor of building 1 is dubbed our “amenity level” because it houses all the indoor amenities that Elevate offers. This floor is also connected directly to future buildings 2 and 3 via an enclosed walkway, so all residents have easy access to amenities no matter which building they call home.

Two hallways split off the lobby. Head to the North Wing on the right and you’ll find our Brotherton Investments office, the mail room, the elevator, our gyms (yes, gyms plural!), the locker room, and the walkway that connects to building 2. In the South Wing, you’ll find our game room, a rentable party space, the golf simulator, our coworking spaces, the grab-and-go food and beverage area, our restrooms, and the hallway connecting to building 3.

Amenity FAQs

Q: Will there be staff on site?

A: Yes! Brotherton Investments—the property management group in charge of leasing Elevate’s condos—is relocating to our building. That means our residents have leasing and management staff right on site!

Q: Will there be a mail room in every building?

A: No. The mail room for all residents is located on the main floor of Building 1 to provide a central, secure space for all mail.

Q: Is package delivery secure?

A: Yes! While there will be a table in the mail room for general deliveries, we will have insulated lockers as well for secure package and food deliveries. Using the locker is simple:

  1. On your phone, pick the size of locker you need for your package (charges apply). A code will be provided, which you can then give to the delivery person—Amazon, Hello Fresh, Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc.

  2. Once the delivery arrives, the driver can then type the code into the locker; the appropriate locker will open and they can leave the package.

  3. Use the code to retrieve your package from the locker. No more packages left unattended outside your door until you get home!

Q: What is included in the public gym?

A: The public gym consists of cardio and strength training machines, cables, free weights, dumbbells, bands, barbell racks, and more. It will have everything you need for cardio workouts, strength training, circuit training, or any other type of workout!

The center wall that divides the gym is lined with mirrors, perfect for those who like to watch their form as they lift.

The cardio equipment—treadmills, stair steppers, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and ellipticals—all directly face the floor-to-ceiling window. These windows also have a film for privacy, so you can enjoy the view with peace of mind as you work out.

The public gym is available to all Elevate residents.

Q: How is the private gym different?

A: The private gym is our upgraded option, available at an additional cost. It will have premium, top-of-the-line equipment, as well as virtual workout videos and programs. It’s the best of the best for those who want to take their fitness to the next level!

Q: Can I work out on the patio?

A: Yes! There is a patio located off of the private gym that has a great, elevated view of the pond and backyard. While there will be picnic seating in this area, we have also purposely left space open for people to take their workout outdoors. What better place to do your morning yoga?

Q: Is there a locker room?

A: Yes! All residents have access to our locker room, which includes a restroom, showers, and an 8-person sauna. It’s located right across the hallway from the gym so you can easily drop your valuables in a locker before your workout or hit the showers after a sweat session in the sauna.

Q: What’s all included in the game room?

A: Our game room is the ultimate hangout spot. For video game and arcade lovers, we have two gaming consoles. While they look like old-school PacMan machines, they’re high tech on the inside and contain 2,000 games total. Games are free to play.

The game room also functions as a rec room, with shuffleboard and a pool table. It’s perfect for watching the big game, too, with two 70-inch TVs above the bar and two more 60-inch TVs on the opposite side of the room.

Last but not least is the bar. Aside from the two large flatscreen TVs, the bar area has plenty of countertop space, breakfast bar seating, a sink, and a fridge to keep food and beverages cold. Bring down your favorite snacks and a few beers and settle in to watch the game, or host a potluck for friends and family.

Q: Can I rent the game room?

A: Yes. While the area will typically be first-come, first-serve, it is possible to rent the space for a private event. The game room is separated from the lobby by sliding barn doors. Simply push it shut to keep your gathering more private (and to prevent noise from disturbing the lobby).

Q: Are there any rentable gathering spaces aside from the game room?

A: Yes! Just beyond the game room is another large rentable space for parties. We’ve purposely kept this room flexible so it can fit any kind of gathering—a work get together, a bridal shower, a birthday party, and so on.

The outdoor patio attached to this room will have outdoor seating (couches, chairs, and tables), a fireplace, and a gorgeous backyard view. You can rent the indoor space only or the indoor and the outdoor space together.

Q: How does the golf simulator work?

A: The golf simulator is on a reservation system so one person or group can have it all to themselves at a time. The simulator takes up an entire small room, with padded walls and extra insulation to prevent the noise from disturbing people in the game room next door.

The simulator itself has turf-like carpet and a large, full-wall screen. It also doubles as a hunting simulator, with big game hunting and skeet shooting.

Q: Do you have to reserve a coworking space ahead of time?

A: It depends which space you would like to use! We will have a room filled with individual work stations that are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any time you are working from home and need a change of scenery, you can head on over to the coworking space and grab a table, no reservation required.

The conference room does require a reservation to rent. It is attached to the coworking space but separated by a door for privacy. It contains a long conference table and a 70-inch TV—perfect for presentations, video conferences, and more.

Q: What will you have available in your grab-and-go snack and beverage area?

A: Think of it like a mini mart in a hotel or a convenience store that you can access at any time. This self-serve vending area will have plenty of snacks and drinks; grab what you’d like, swipe your card, and go! It’s perfect for those days when you’re in a rush or just need a little pick-me-up.

This area will also have a state-of-the-art coffee station. Select your coffee order from the touch screen, pay with a card or in the app, grab your coffee and be on your way.

The Condos

While our amenities are a key part of our next-level living experience, our condos are what truly make Elevate home for our residents. In building 1, floors 2 and 3 are leased, while floors 4 and 5 are for residents who have purchased a condo.

Take a trip up the elevator (it’s a fast, smooth ride, so even those who live on the 5th floor can be on their way quickly—we know our residents are busy people!) and you’ll step out into our hallway. Floor-to-ceiling windows at each end keep the hallway brightly lit. L-shaped LED lights mark each doorway and provide a touch of elegance.

Much like our lobby, the first thing you’ll notice when you step inside one of our condos is the view, courtesy of the tall windows on the wall opposite the front door. All condos feature an open floor plan in the main living area, so your kitchen flows smoothly into your living area, with the panoramic vista visible from every corner of the room.

Condo FAQs

Q: Do the condos have a dining room?

A: While our condos do not have a dedicated dining room, all floor plans feature a large eat-in kitchen island that can comfortably seat 4 people. Or, part of the living room space can be made into a dining nook with the addition of tables and chairs. Just one of the many benefits of an open floor plan and flexible space!

Q: Will there be enough storage/closet space in the condo?

A: Yes! No matter what floor plan you choose, we’ve optimized the layout to be as efficient as possible for both living space and storage space. Both 1- and 2-bedroom units have built-in shelving in the bathroom, as well as a sizable closet just off the kitchen that can be used as a pantry or coat closet.

We’ve also maximized closet space in the bedrooms; the closets in many floor plans are walk-in. To see a detailed layout, check out our floor plan options.

Q: Do the condos have in-unit washer and dryers?

A: Yes! Every condo has a full-size washer and dryer. In most floor plans (1A, 1B.1, 1C, and 2A), they are located in the bathroom in a laundry closet, allowing you to close the doors to reduce clutter or noise. In other floor plans (2F, 2X.5, and 2F.1), they are located in a storage room just off the entryway. In either case, they are tucked away, out of sight of your main living space.

Q: How much natural light do the condos get?

A: A lot! Every condo has tall windows in the living spaces and bedrooms. For reference, these windows are the same height as the door to your unit or your balcony door—not quite floor-to-ceiling, but extremely close. Whether you love sunshine, are a plant parent in need of natural light, or just love the view, these windows will allow plenty of light into your space!

Q: Can I choose which side of the building I’d like to live on?

A: Yes! Depending on availability, you can choose whether you would like a unit that faces east or a unit that faces west over the pond.

Q: I’m looking for a condo and there’s so many choices. Why should I live at Elevate instead of buying or renting a condo elsewhere?

A: We could give a really long-winded answer—in fact, we’ve written a whole blog on this topic—but in the end, it boils down to this: you can find a condo anywhere, but you can’t find these views and amenities anywhere else in the Corridor. It’s what takes our condo living to the next level and sets us apart from the other condos in the area. Once you step inside and see it for yourself, you’ll be sold!

Interested in Making Elevate Your Home?

Ready to see it in person? Whether you’re interested in leasing or purchasing, reach out and we’d be happy to give you a tour. When it comes to Elevate, seeing is truly believing. We can’t wait to show you around and hopefully welcome you home!